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Paints & Coatings

Blending & Transfer offers significant services to clients in the paints and coatings industry by providing safe, convenient, and environmentally responsible blending solutions. With project assignments ranging from market development studies to complete plant design and turnkey construction, B&T can demonstrate the ability to apply technology-driven, precision blending to meet any process design requirements.

B&T's experience in the design, procurement, and construction of chemical plants has a particular application in the paints and coatings industry. With proven expertise in all areas of plant design from raw material receiving and storage to finished product packaging, Blending & Transfer can be your single source for projects ranging from process improvement to completely new facilities.

Through designs that incorporate precision blending and innovative clean in place (CIP) concepts, the production of quality products can be assured while the generation of waste is minimized. In other words, more efficient use of raw materials, precise control of the batch production process, efficient material transfers, and complete documentation of the production process with integrated control systems for enhancing any process specifications.

  • Raw Material Storage and Transfer
    Whether your business involves pigments, pigment dispersions, solvents, additives or minor components, the storage and transfer of all raw materials is  integral to the plant process. Transfers of raw materials, either through dedicated or pigged lines is monitored and controlled to assure accuracy and repeatability.

  • Production
    Through all of the production processes, the automated batch process assures production consistency. The system utilizes appropriate state-of-the-art  measurement technologies to control and record all of the production activities in order to provide a complete production record for each batch.

  • Final Blending and Laboratory Approval
    B&T's automated blending process is ideal for final control of coloring and tinting of finished products. The integrated process control permits laboratory quarantine of the completed batch prior to final packaging.

  • Transfers
    B&T's piggable systems assure product integrity and minimize waste generation by eliminating or minimizing cleaning and flushing.

  • Filling and Packaging
    B&T works in cooperation with the finest filling and packaging equipment suppliers on a global basis to offer clients the best solutions possible to fulfill their packaging needs.

    FMC Blending & Transfer is the single source for process improvement and total production plant solutions for the paints and coatings industries. We look forward to putting our expertise to work for you.

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