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Project Management

In today's competitive marketplace, managing every hour and every dollar is crucial to a successful project. More than ever, projects demand a proper balance of resources, capital, and time. FMC Blending & Transfer's effective project management principles ensure these challenges are met on time, within budget, at a higher level of quality, to satisfy our clients.

Projects are often complex and multifaceted. FMC B&T's Project Management provides a seamless transition between concept and detail design, engineering, and manufacturing. As primary conductor of the project, FMC B&T management is charged with the duties of organizing, planning, purchasing and scheduling the "start-up through completion" of all activities.

Vital to the execution of these duties is decision making. B&T Project Management is in charge of making those decisions consistently while demonstrating full knowledge of the project's status. The broad authority exerted over the many elements of the project enhances this leadership role. Management therefore acts as the Chief Operating Officer applying the executive leadership and cohesive force that binds together the many diverse elements which bring about successful completion of a project.

To establish a solid foundation, FMC B&T Project Management works closely with its clients to identify specific project goals. Once a target is in place, the B&T engineering, procurement, and construction team collaboratively develop and implement a specifically tailored project management strategy designed to assure the client's project is completed on time and on budget.

FMC B&T offers project management services such as:

  • Strategic planning & studies

  • Basic design and cost estimate

  • Detailed design and cost optimization

  • Specification of materials and equipment

  • Bid procurement and vendor selection

  • Establishment of subcontracting contracts and agreements

  • Field supervision

  • Precommissioning and subcommissioning of packages

  • Plant Start-up

  • Equipment installation

  • Preventative maintenance implementation

  • FMC Blending & Transfer has invested significant time and effort into the implementation of our Project Management approach. This is a continuous effort, triggered by the ever-changing business culture and technology we are faced with today. However, we feel that this is an investment that will pay future dividends by minimizing our risks while maximizing our resources.

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