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Product Quality Improvement

Tight quality control and continuous quality improvement are essential to acquiring and keeping customers. Through Process Automation and Clean-In-Place (CIP) technology, Wei-Pack provides clients with the tools necessary to consistently manufacture to rigorous formula specifications without giving away expensive raw material components.
Quality Improvement = Higher Profits
Poor quality results in product waste and a dissatisfied customers. Manufacturing systems that cannot produce on-spec products consistently without generating product waste, unnecessarily sacrifice profits. And worse, shipping off-spec products creates dissatisfied customers, frequently resulting in product returns while generating a dubious reputation. These factors not only have an immediate drag on profits, but a lingering impact on the ability to keep and attract new business, as well. So what is the solution? Process Automation and Clean-In-Place technology.

Process Automation
The key to consistently formulating with high levels of accuracy is process automation. Automation assures every component of a manufacturing formulation is consistently added in the precise quantities, at the precise time or sequence needed to meet the product specifications. Process automation systems also continuously monitor vital in-process product specifications and automatically make adjustments to process conditions to assure the end result is a quality product. Automation systems have been developed by Wei-Pack, promising that every manufacturing system delivers the highest quality products.

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