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Safety and Environmental Improvement

In today's regulatory environment, growing concern for the health and safety of workers and their surroundings has dictated new benchmarks in the work force. Standards for environmental protection have become ever more stringent. Wei-Pack has responded to each of these challenges by offering integrated solutions that improve operator safety and reduce waste generation and pollution.

At Wei-Pack we are committed to helping process manufacturing plants comply with with ISO 9001 : 2000 standards by putting to practice mechanisms such as Clean In Place (CIP) technologies, piggable transfer systems, and manifolds. These methods reduce potential safety hazards and adhere to rigid code demands without sacrificing the economic welfare of the business. Some of the practices are highlighted below:

  • Clean-In-Place Technology

  • To prevent the production of waste generation, CIP technology is incorporated into every Wei-Pack manufacturing design. As a result, Automatic Batch Blenders (ABB) are equipped with spray balls for rinsing between batches and consuming a minimum quantity of rinse media. In most cases, the rinse media is a raw material that can be collected for reuse. Drum decanting units (DDU) are designed with a rinse tank containing rinse media for cleaning the drum lance between component additions and cleaning the drums when empty. Inline blenders (ILB) contain air blow back and self-draining features. Through these CIP techniques our customers realize a significant reduction in the unfavorable manufacture of off-spec products and waste. In fact, it is not uncommon to see over 90% lower generation of waste during production and that can only add up to cost saving measures and increased profit margins.

  • Transfer Systems

  • In addition to CIP technologies, piggable systems and manifolds also impart environmental and employee protection. Through the use of piggable manifold systems, the manufacturer has the ability to move product from a single source point to multiple destinations through common transfer lines with no contamination. Plant safety is also improved by virtually eliminating the use of hoses for raw material and finished product transfer. This way, workers can put an end to the manual lifting of heavy, and often slippery, hoses.

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