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Manufacturing Optimization

For most process manufactures, competition is stiff and margins are thin. Assuring that manufacturing assets are producing at maximum efficiency can mean the difference between success and failure. Companies that optimize are most enabled to compete successfully. With over 40 years experience in process manufacturing, you can trust Wei-Pack to discover revolutionary optimizing solutions with prosperous benefits.
Manufacturing Optimization ultimately distills down to manufacturing BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER, SAFER. FMC Blending & Transfer provides clients with the ability to achieve all these objectives through a unique combination of design and engineering services, manufacturing equipment, control systems, installation, and construction. Some optimization options are listed below. If you are interested in optimizing your process contact Wei-Pack today.

  • Process Definition and Master Plan
    The optimization process normally begins with a site visit and operations review. The observations made and data collected are then used to prepare a Master Plan proposal. The Master Plan is a comprehensive review that assesses key cost drivers of manufacturing operations. The final Master Plan provides the client with a path forward in terms of process definition, capital investment, and operating practices needed to reduce manufacturing cost, increase capacity, improve safety, and minimize environmental risk.

  • Design & Detail Engineering
    Once the Master Plan has established the project scope and process definition, the sequential activities of Process Design and Detail Engineering begin. Activities ranging from mass and energy calculations to procurement and construction cover the most fundamental aspects of the work required to develop and complete the design of the plant. And, as always, the concept of BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER?, SAFER is built directly into the engineered formula.

  • Process Control Systems
    In a time when technological advances have become common place, it is no wonder that automation is at the heart of every FMC B&T manufacturing solution. Systems are available from the multi-functional e-BLEND for discrete control blending activities to the System Seven for plant-wide automation and raw materials management. With automation, plants realize labor reduction and improvements in accuracy, consistency, speed, and safety.

  • Automated Systems
    To further optimize a plant process, Wei-Pack offers highly automated weighing, packing and conveying systems to reduce both labor and waste while simultaneously increasing capacity and quality. Every Wei-Pack system is designed for rapid and accurate weighing and packing of materials.

  • Drum Decanting Systems
    One of the largest sources of both unnecessary increases in product cost and raw material waste is in the hand dispensing of expensive small volume raw material components from drums into production batches. Operators frequently over treat to assure the required quantity of raw material is added. This causes clingage inside the drum that is difficult or impractical to remove. The Wei-Pack's Drum Decanting Unit (DDU) solves both of these problems by providing automated accurate raw material additions, as well as rinsing the empty drum and adding the rinse to the batch.

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