Automatic Palletized Drum Filler

General Specification

This Automatic Palletized Drum Filling Machine is designed to handle drums or IBCs with bungs and caps removed.
This machine will convey, visually locate the fill holes, fill then discharge a full pallet of drums automatically. It will do the same for an IBC.
The next downstream station will automatically place each bung and cap onto every drum.
Depending on the product and volume delivered, this machine can fill each 55 gallon drum in less than one minute.


  • Vision based scanner system
  • Twin gantry carriages
  • Lance carriage with guided tracks
  • X, Y & Z axis positioning
  • Servo motors for gantry drive
  • Fully welded structural steel frame and conveyor
  • Chain driven live roller or chain conveyor surface
  • 316 stainless steel all wetted parts
  • Top-fill or Sub-surface filling
  • Dual control valves to eliminate water hammer
  • Instant shift from fast to slow fill
  • Enclosed drip collection with removable catch tray
  • Fume evacuation connection
  • Single control enclosure


  • Automatic bung removal station
  • Automatic bung placement station
  • Automatic capping station
  • Nitrogen purging or other explosion proof methods
  • Fume Booth or fume collection system
  • Controls for any area classification
  • Stainless steel framework or carbon steel
  • Special lance and valving materials


  • PLC controlled weighting system
  • Weight reading 5000/1 increments
  • Automatic weight tare
  • Automatic zero tracking
  • Automatic error compensation
  • RS-232 data output