Vessel Weighing System


  • Weighing System to handle Silos, vessels, tanks & hoppers; 1 tonne to 1000 tonnes
  • Basic weight monitoring to full process control across the site
  • Solids, liquids, semisolids; internal or external; new or retrofit solutions
  • ATEX approved systems for hazardous areas
  • Range of indicators for management information and control
  • Unique load cell assemblies

Vessel weighing is a specialist area.The right system can deliver significant cost savings and increase the effectiveness of your processes.

Wei-Pack offers a combination of unique load cell assemblies, weighing expertise and application knowledge to ensure the ideal solution for your business.

Wei-Pack vessel weighing systems are designed to deliver optimum performance, reliability and security. Our unique load cell assembly have been specifically developed for vessel weighing. Using our fast-fit load cell assemblies means you can save time and money by avoiding the need for additional restraint for wind forces and climate conditions. The unique engineered mouldings even allow for misalignments in steel work and vessel expansion and contraction. Good quality load cells ensure the equipment's total reliability and accuracy.